Dove® What’s Your Skin IQ?

What’s Your Skin IQ?
1.What are the main components of your skin’s outer layer?
The outermost layer of your skin, known as the Stratum Corneum, is a protective barrier to the rest of your skin layers. If you think of the Stratum Corneum as a brick wall, some cells are proteins (which are similar to the bricks), and others are lipids which sit between, like the mortar holding them together, these elements work in tandem to keep your skin’s natural water content intact.

2. Which of the following actions can damage your skin?
It’s no surprise that too much sun exposure and smoking can cause skin damage. But what you might not know is that daily cleansing can also be a damaging process. Other body washes use cleansers that can remove your skin’s own natural moisture, robbing your skin of essential nourishment.

3. What controls up to 70% of skin functions?
Moisture controls up to 70% of skin functions, which is why it is so important to prevent moisture loss by using gentle cleansers that preserve both the proteins and lipids in your Stratum Corneum.

4. What are the potential signs of skin damage caused by cleansing?
Cleansing with other body washes can damage proteins and remove essential lipids from your skin’s outer layer. This process creates holes and pathways through which skin’s natural moisture escapes, leading to dry, red or even itchy skin.

5. How can you keep your skin moisturized during cleansing?
Soap-based cleansers, water that is too hot and a rough towel can actually cause damage to your skin. The best way to keep skin moisturized during cleansing is to choose a body wash that cleanses gently and contains natural moisturizers like soybean oil, lipids and glycerine. These elements mimic skin’s own natural moisture, so they can absorb completely into the surface layer of your skin and nourish deep down. Now that you know just how important hydration is to your skin, remember to use Dove® Body Wash with NutriumMoisture™- the only body wash of its kind that combines gentle cleansers with 100% natural moisturizers to nourish deep down, where you really need it.