Dove® Visible Effects: Cares deeply for your skin
Dove Visible Effects cares deeply for your skin, Supreme moisture for visible skin improvement, it is really a breakthrough product combining three moisturizers, Gives 90% more mositurisation than the leading body lotion**, Moisturises deep down at the root where beautiful skin begins*
*stratum corneum (surface skin).
**Clinical Moisturisation Test-Skicon Test.

Deep down beauty
Just like a flower, your skin needs moisture at every level to be beautiful, but many lotions just sit on top of the skin. Dove Visible Effects with Multi Layer Complex is designed to work at every skin layer*-the top, the middle and deep down where beautiful skin begins.

The Top Layer is directly exposed to the environment and tends to quickly lose moisture. Visible effects contains Glycerol Quat, especially designed to prevent dryness by holding moisture in.

The middle layer brings the new skin cells that develop deep down, right to top. To keep this layer hydrated/moisturized, the glycerine in Visible Effects replenishes it with the immediate and long-lasting moisture it needs.

The deep down layer is where beautiful skin begins. The Hydroxy Ethyl Urea in Visible Effects is the key ingredient that nourishes this layer and gives it the optimal moisture it needs to help the cell grow.