True Tone

What is the solution?

Dove True Tone underarm dark mark eraser, a simple step in your nightly beauty routine, is the effective solution.

Dove True Tone underarm dark mark eraser has a proven formula that contains:

- Dove advanced nourishing moisturisers, glycerol and sunflower seed oil, which help to care for and replenish your delicate underarm skin, soothe irritated skin, and minimise the effects of hair removal, thereby reducing dark marks

- The proprietary True Tone complex, including 12-HSA,
Vitamin C and Vitamin B3, which targets dark marks at the source

Why use it at night?

During the night your skin is actively repairing itself and is more receptive to treatment. The underarm dark mark eraser works in sync with your skin’s night time natural cell renewal cycle to help reduce the appearance of you underarm dark marks.

Dove True Tone underarm dark eraser