Articles & Advice


1. Choose a Pretty Shower Curtain
It’s an easy and inexpensive way to set the mood—choose earthy, muted tones for a calm and relaxing experience.

2. Play Your Favorite Music
Try instrumental tunes or smooth rhythm and blues to wind down.

3. Create a Rejuvenating Aura
Reed diffusers give off a subtle aroma that’s also aesthetically pleasing.

4. Get Warmed Up
Ease in smoothly by letting your shower run and gather steam to create a warm bathroom atmosphere before stepping inside. 

5. Lather Up with a Luxurious Body Wash
Pour rich, creamy body wash with a soothing scent onto a fluffy shower pouf or soft body brush, and scrub gently to indulge your skin and senses.

6. Savor Your Moment of “Me Time”
Close your eyes and breathe deeply just for a few minutes to keep your relaxation going. You’ll feel beautiful, renewed and refreshed for whatever comes your way this holiday.